Hot Tub Lighting - Arctic Spas Finland



Northern Lights


Inspired by the Aurora Borealis of our northern winter skies, the Northern Lights system brings digital color changes and fades to your spa.

With an extensive variety of patterns and sequences, you can choose the perfect lighting scheme for your mood…

The system has two light locations that work together to fill your spa with color.

Family Lights


We are pleased to add another lighting package to the lengthy list of options available on your Arctic Spa.

The Family Lighting Package features tow underwater lights and uses elegant backlighting of the controls and drink holders along the top lip area of our spas.

Additionally, “water-rope” waterfalls are also backlit.

The numerous points of light in this package are digitally controlled, so the full range of lighting effects – static, multi-color, fades and patterns light up your beautiful Arctic Spa as you choose.

Pick your favourite colour(s), select a soothing glow or a lively pattern – whatever the mood requires, the Family Lighting Package can accommodate.

Temporarily Out of Stock

Ultimate Lights


Arctic Spa lighting taken to the next level! In the Ultimate Lighting package, all jets are backlit through clear sections with technology that neither affects water flow, nor creates a leak potential.

All controls and cup holders are backlit as well, and we top things off with beautiful sconces that house down light LEDs that illuminate and attractively accent our beautiful cabinets.

All light sources are digitally controlled, and offer the full range of fades, solids and intermittent patterns.

Ultimate Lighting is a beautiful addition to any Arctic Spa.

Temporarily Out of Stock

Corner Accent Lighting


An impressive touch which beautifully accents your cabinet and hot tubbing atmosphere.

Made of polycarbonate, this upgrade is impact resistant, stands up to the elements and is available in our CUSTOM Series Hot Tubs.